2017 GMC Sierra: The Most Luxurious Pickup Truck You Can Buy

There is likelihood that 2017 GMC Sierra is going to get larger share of the truck market in the entire world when it will be released. This is due to the improved features, reduced body weight, enhanced fuel efficiency and lots more. So, you should be getting ready to get another truck that will offer you more than your expectation.

2017 GMC Sierra

2017 GMC Sierra: Redesign and Features

The exterior look of this 2017 GMC Sierra is among the things that will attract more buyers to the automaker when it will be released. The body is built with lightweight aluminum material which will help to reduce the overall weight and improve the performance as well as the fuel economy. The front bumper is redesigned coupled with front headlights making the truck to look more rugged than the predecessor. Another thing that improved the overall look of this truck is the huge front grille coupled with air intake features. The back end is not compromise in any way as it is equally built with superlative and wonderful features. That means users will stand chance of getting most superior and rugged truck when they make this truck their choice.

The interior part of this truck is also made comfortable enough to lure people easily into making the truck their choice. There is large touch screen display mounted on the dashboard where other functionalities will be controlled. Adding to the features in the truck is the quality leather seats coupled with improved sound system. The steering is also wrapped in leather giving the dashboard beautiful and impressive look. There are also quality air condition system, improved connectivity with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Also, the quality speakers mounted in the interior will give users superior entertaining experience in their cruise with the 2017 GMC Sierra. The fuel economy associated with this truck is another point to reckon with. Adding to the tech features are keyless entry, phone connectivity, climatic control which comes in higher trim of this vehicle.

With many auto brands coming up by next year it is expected that competition will be tough among many auto brands. The 2017 GMC Sierra is going to encounter serious competition with many other truck auto brands coming up in the market. So, there are going to many competing brands to this truck but the closest rivals include Ram 1500 Laramie Limited, Ford F-150 Limited and others. GMC is among the automaker that do not play with issue of security and safety of their consumers. Therefore, the upcoming GMC sierra is going to offer wonderful safety features. Some of the standard safety features of this vehicle include: Seat belts, Airbags, Stability control, Traction control, lane keeping assist, Cruise control, Blind spot warning, quality braking system with ABS, Good suspension system and lots of others. In fact, enormous safety features associated with this truck is among the reasons why it will defeat other brands in competition.

Engine Options and Fuel Economy

The vehicle is coming with quality engine options engineered with latest technology. The first engine is a 6.2-liter V8 Ecotec3 engine. This engine has the ability to produce 420 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque. It is going to be standard engine for this truck but there is also another less powerful engine coming with this car. This engine is a 4.3-liter V6 and has the ability to produce 355 horses and 360 lb-ft of torque. To enhance performance of these engines they are mated with 10-speed automatic transmission system expected to replace the 8-speed auto transmission of the older model of this vehicle. This is despite the improved heavy duty functionality and amazing towing ability. So, for city cruise users will stand to enjoy 23 mpg and for highway cruise users will get 29 mpg. But this will still be dependent on the engine options that come with the model you selected.

Price and Release Date

The release date of the 2017 GMC Sierra pickup truck is expected to be before the end of the 2016 or at most at early 2017. However, this information has not been confirmed by the automaker. The price for the basic version of this truck is expected to start from $27,000 to $55,000 depending features that come with the truck.

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