2017 Great Wall Steed: Design, Performance, Price, Release

The upcoming 2017 Great Wall Steed is one of those vehicles that are under great discussion these days. This is actually one of the minimal pickup trucks, which comes from Great Wall Motors. At first it was introduced in the year 2009, and over all these years the pickup truck has received decent upgrades and today enjoys a handsome fan following associated with it. The main thing is that high level of competition prevails in the market so the upcoming model will have to bring with it some exciting features for ensuring survival. Let’s discuss some of the details which are being associated with the 2017 Steed.

2017 Great Wall Steed

2017 Great Wall Steed: Comfort and Design

The upcoming model is a good option in a sense that it can be termed as the least expensive version that accompanies 4, wheel drive alternatives as well as twofold taxicab. The design of the 2017 Great Wall Steed pickup is known for showing similarity with popular pickup trucks from the past. The anterior belt will be redesigned and there will be logo present towards the top. There is another design for framework where headlights will be present at a prominent place. The mist lights will also be included and for adjusting along corners of carriage the tail lights are being set off. There is an enhanced back guard, which provides a different overall look. There will also be the inclusion of newer compound wheels and towards the exterior there will be smaller chrome enumerating. The interior is spacious and comforting with the capacity of accommodating 5 passengers. Towards the dashboard propelled and newer gear will be introduced and there will be alterations present towards the region of controlling wheel. High quality materials have been used in the making of covers so that riders can enjoy a secure and comfortable ride.

Performance and Safety

Engine without any doubt is the main highlight of every system and makers have been careful enough in ensuring that a decent power system should be given to the 2017 Great Wall Steed. Reports suggest that upcoming model will get 2.0-l diesel engine that will have the capacity of producing 140 hp and torque of 258 ft-lb. This is definitely going to leave a stronger and positive impact upon the efficiency of vehicle. The combined fuel economy for the pickup truck is expected to be better than 34 mpg. However, there is no official information about it yet.

Safety is the main concern of drivers in this tough environment so makers have ensured that upcoming model can get the best safety related features: air bags, Traction Controlling, Stability control, Blind spot monitoring, Navigation System and Security lock system.

Price and Release Date

Coming towards release date and price there is not much information present, but it will range from $20,000 to $30,000. As far as release is concerned you can expect that the 2017 Great Wall Steed will arrive in market by the end of this year 2016.

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