2017 Jeep Scrambler: Features, Engines and Price

The two basic features that every driver would like to have in its truck are the mechanics and the performance. The buyers of the new 2017 Jeep Scrambler will be lucky enough to have both the features at the same time. The model is expected to be providing distinct suspension to the drivers.

2017 Jeep Scrambler

2017 Jeep Scrambler: Design and Safety

From the front fascia it can be said that the model will be powerfully built. The front grille will have extended seven bars. The head light positions will be changed this time, the lights are moved up ahead of the previous location. The head lights are little more extended towards the front that will make the highlight more like a cowl to the grille. The space inside the cabin will be sufficient to give enough space to the occupants and their luggage. The interior of the model will be provided with a high class material that will make the model noise free. To make the model more convenient to drive there are mirrors provided so the drivers can have a look at the motorist and more importantly these mirrors are also provided with the latest dimming feature as well. This feature will definitely play its role in order to avoid the accidents.  From the interior the model will be a treat to watch, the animal skin leather will be used to cover the seats. The navigation system will also be provided to the driver for assistance. There will be new feature added to the model; the use of light emitting technology will make the vehicle unmatchable. There will be smart options provided with the model like Bluetooth and the hands free. The model will have a provision of double cabin as well; it will be helpful during the long drive. Unlike the other models the new version will have a stable platform that will have no vibration at all.

The 2017 Jeep Scrambler will be well equipped with latest up to dated safety features. The air bags are more precisely placed on the sides, for extra safety there are bag provided just behind the headrest. The model is known for its braking system, there will be anti-locking braking system along with the hill control. For off road and on road drive, the model will consistently provide an update about the tire pressure to the occupants. There will be a tough competition with the Chevrolet Colorado and Toyota Tacoma.

Engines, Towing and MPG

The truck is expected to be as classy as from the outside. The 2017 Jeep Scrambler will have a heavy 3.6L engine with the combination of VVT technology. It is also expected that the engine will have a V6 displacement. It will be too early to say that what type of gasoline will be used by the company. However it is suggested that the new model will be coming in both the variants petrol and the diesel one. The model will be a perfect choice for an adventure drive, there is a high probability that the model will be producing 260 pound of the torque. The model will be equally useful for heavy duty purposes; the towing capacity will be immense. The model will have 6-speed transmission that can make the model unbeatable in the automobile market. The automatic and manual transmission system will be a part of options that will be provided with the pickup. There are rumors that the model might have a turbocharged engine for more intense driving experience.

It can be said that the fuel will be one of the strength of the new 2017 Jeep Scrambler. The model is expected to give a fuel economy of around 25 miles per gallon combined. The model will be equally economical with 22 miles per gallon in the cities and 31 miles per gallon on the highways.

Price and Release

The exact date of the release is still unknown but it is estimated that the 2017 Jeep Scrambler will hit the market in somewhere mid 2017. Same is the case with the price as well. The price of the model will be around $40,000 but it can vary with the variant.

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