2017 Ram 1500 Sport

Ram pickup trucks are among the sportiest in their range and the looks of the new 2017 Ram 1500 Sport proves this ascertainment. There will be three variants available in the production line: 2WD HEMI, 4WD and 4WD HEMI.

2017 Ram 1500 Sport

2017 Ram 1500 Sport: Engine Options

The 2WD option will arrive with the next features:

  • Engine Type – 5.7 L V8
  • Engine Output – 395 HP @ 5,600 rpm and 410 lb-ft @ 3,950 rpm
  • Towing Capacity – 8,210 lbs.
  • EPA – 15/22/19 mpg [City/Highway/Combined]

A 2WD or rear wheel drive pickup with that much power at the pedal is always a pickup truck fans dream. Chrysler’s Hemi engines have their own cult being high on power and having pure unadulterated adrenaline.

The 4WD Hemi 2017 Ram 1500 Sport variant allows for better traction for all-weather and all-terrain movement although it loses out on highway mileage to some extent. Specs are:

  • Engine Type – 5.7 L V8
  • Engine Output – 395 HP @ 5,600 rpm and 410 lb-ft @ 3,950 rpm
  • Towing Capacity – 8,040 lbs.
  • EPA – 15/21/19 mpg [City/Highway/Combined]

The regular 4WD variant comes with a separate turbo-charged engine and its specs read as follows:

  • Engine Type – 3.6 L V6 turbocharged
  • Engine Output – 305 HP @ 6,400 rpm and 296 lb-ft @ 4,175 rpm
  • Towing Capacity – 8,070 lbs.
  • EPA – 16/23/20mpg [City/Highway/Combined]

With its high quality turbo, this engine can offer lugging capacity at a better mileage and surprisingly stays well away from the consensus of any turbo-lag. Being a 4Wd, it is also more than capable to go through its paces in any terrain or weather condition. Transmission is a standard 8-peed auto with an optional manual shift-ability.

2017 Ram 1500 Sport

Interior and Exterior

Other than the power units, most of the other specs remain same. They carry Ram’s design language with ease and are one of the most sought after pickups for enthusiasts and new buyers. The signature Ram front grille with low placed headlights, a muscular front bumper sporting edgy indicators will be seen.

Ram’s logo sitting atop two strongly placed lines on the grille make up the front fascia of this pickup. 17” alloys and thick all-weather Toyo tires are standard in all variants.

Being a Crew Cab by design, this pickup offers exceptional in-cabin space and passenger experience. Luxury and utility are blended together and Ram tries to offer the best possible of both of these in this segment.

Standard features include:

  • 10” driver interface
  • Trip Computer
  • Water temperature, Voltage and Oil Pressure gauge
  • Service Interval Warning
  • Exterior temperature Display
  • Low Tire Pressure Warning
  • Voice Recorder
  • Full Floor Console
  • 2 1st Row LCD screens
  • Voice activated navigation screen
  • 6 Speaker Audio System with optional amplifiers

In short, these 2017 Ram 1500 Sport pickup trucks have all that any owner can wish more. Whether its passenger comfort, user experience, infotainment; these pickups have integrated top-notch in-cabin add-ons and materials in the segment.

2017 Ram 1500 Sport interior

Pricing Range: $42,000 – $45,000

With a sporty stance, ergonomic interior and out-and-out powerful performance, this 2017 Ram 1500 Sport scores quite high as a pickup truck.

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