2017 RAM 1500: Changes, Engines, Safety, Price

The release of 2017 RAM 1500 pickup truck is expected in the last quarter of 2016 with lot of changes. The possible changes in this truck include powerful lights, redesigned front side and classic interior side. The previous RAM model also got lot of fame in the market. It is reported that 451,116 copies of this model was sold in America.

2017 RAM 1500

2017 RAM 1500: Redesign Changes and Features

The 2017 RAM 1500 pickup truck will receive some changes in exterior and interior design. We can find redesigned mask on the front side. The front sturdy bumper will possesses fog lamps, powerful lights and grille. Two openings will be created on the hood for air circulation. The combination of rear view mirrors, windshield and air openings will offer good aerodynamic features. This model will acquire changed dimension and design. We can expect the expansion around 4500 pounds. It is reported that wheelbase of this model is around 120.5 inches. The cabin will possess two rows of windows and four doors. Company is looking to release this model in different colors and designs to attract the attention of people. The cargo space is present behind the last seat row. We can also expect many other accessories like power outlet power tool, baggage insurance and accessories required for loading of cargo. The bottom or floor of vehicle will offer large number of compartments for storing the tools. The compartments can also be used for field operations.

The cabin of 2017 RAM 1500 will offer large number of changes. Everything will be nicely designed. The driver and passengers will enjoy incredible functional ride. The seats will make from high quality materials. Pure quality leather will be used for upholstery. The seats are adjustable and movable. The passenger can adjust the seats according to their wishes. The rear seats can be raised. You can also fold the rear seats to increase the storage space in the cabin. The presence of functional equipment, pleasant lighting and beautiful materials will enhance the look of cabin. The middle of cockpit will offer central screen or LCD. Air conditioning system will maintain the temperature of cabin. The advanced entertainment system will offer stereo system, new set of speakers, LCD, MP3 and MP4 features. The possible means of communication include Bluetooth, wireless, WI-FI and internet. We will also find the use of latest safety equipment in this model. The front row of seats in the cockpit will offer extra features like power adjustment, rotation and movement. The presence of sufficient space between seat rows will offer extra relaxation. The passengers can easily stretch their legs in the cabin. The cabin of 2017 RAM 1500 pickup truck is well soundproofed. In order to store the small items, plenty of space is present. The steering wheel is present on excellent position. Digital control panel is present behind the wheelbase. The level of comfort is higher in the cabin as compared to other pickup trucks of this series.

We can expect the installation of latest safety equipment in this model like traction control, ABS, speed control, airbags, and seat belts. It will also offer tire pressure monitoring, outside temperature gauge, navigation, compass, tachometer, adjustable pedals and stability control features. For the safety of cargo, you will also find raised points, cover for the trailer, tank flap with locks and safety rope.

Engines and Price

The 2017 RAM 1500 will get a new motor. It is reported that it will go with a 3.6 liter V6 engine. The upper trims will get more powerful engine to generate more power. The 3.6 liter engine will generate 269 pounds of torque and 305 hp power. Similarly upper trims will get a 5.7 L V8 engine in the hood. It will show the output around 410 pounds of torque and 295 hp powers. This truck will also come with diesel engine. It will generate little power and torque as compared to 5.7 L engine. We can expect the output around 420 pounds torque and 240 hp power.

The starting price of the 2017 RAM 1500 pickup truck would be around $27,000. The arrival of this model is expected in last quarter of 2016 or in first quarter of next year.

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