2017 RAM 3500 Tradesman

The 2017 RAM 3500 Tradesman is a heavy duty mid-sized truck, which is really a high utility quality vehicle. The bed is quite long at the back, and it is also a crew cab with 5 people sitting capacity. It has got a 4-wheel drive, and its turbo diesel engine produces a lot of power for towing heavy loads. It has got great looks both from the exterior and the interior. The sensors provided are also very much responsive, while the performance figures surpass most of the rivals.

2017 RAM 3500 Tradesman

2017 RAM 3500 Tradesman: Performance

With a massive towing capacity of 32,210 pounds, the 2017 RAM 3500 Tradesman in one of the most powerful which will be ruling in the market. Equipped with 383 HP 5.7-liter V8 engine which has got 6-speed automatic transmission system. It can reach from 0 mph to 60 mph in just 8.6 seconds with the highest speed claimed to be 103 mph. It produces an average mileage of nearly 23 mpg, which is quite good for a tow truck of such power.

Styling and Features

The bed is really long to assist its users to carry the extra load on its back. A bed mat is also provided to protect its steel bed from any kind of damage. There’s a lot of chrome work on its body, especially in its front grille with the brand name carved on it. There are tow hooks provided on both ends of the truck. The halogen headlights are really powerful and have got a lot of penetrating power to assist the driver at night. The chrome wheels add to its looks, and it’s really a good looking truck.

To add to its interior decoration, there are multiple features which include wireless smartphone connectivity, upgraded Bluetooth and Satellite GPS, etc. Seats are leathered and trimmed to provide best possible comfort. The passenger cabin can hold a maximum of 220 pounds of weight and is really quite spacious. Floor mats are perfectly placed and covered with synthetic fiber for rough use. It has an auto-sensing remote which can activate its Infotainment system providing easy access to everything.

2017 RAM 3500 Tradesman


There are multiple extra features that you get with 2017 RAM 3500 Tradesman which you generally cannot see in most of the trucks that thread on the roads. It has got a lot of class in it, and its built quality makes it worth for the upper class of people. The multiple added features include:

  • Dual-tone airbags for the safety and security of its passengers.
  • Anti-lock braking system provided on its front wheels to prevent the wheels from locking while braking and turning.
  • The seats are detachable which enables to store extra luggage beneath them.
  • Steering mounted controls for the cruise control to help the driver guide through the proper applications while driving.

The list is never ending and also includes multiple high-class features like parking sensors and climate control etc.

Price and Arrival

The 2017 RAM 3500 Tradesman is expected to be in the market by mid-2017 with a price tag of nearly $34,500 for the base model. It is really a priced buy and is a truck worth having.

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