2018 Chevy Silverado SS Will Come Really Powerful

This high-performance truck isn’t just one more trim of the Silverado with upgraded features, but one really amazing truck. The 2018 Chevy Silverado SS will incorporate some changes and add little distinctive features that are not in existence in its present model. There is a possibility that the pickup could feature greater towing power, as well as the  enhanced cargo and more luxurious cab.

2018 Chevy Silverado SS

2018 Chevy Silverado SS: Changes and Features

Well, there must be little change in the outer style of the 2018 Chevrolet Silverado SS. Although the outer body will incorporate most of the same structure, this pickup will be recognizable with its revamped body style. New suspension system will be integrated into better terrain experience. One can see thick rails on the cargo cabin, projector lights on the roof and a lot more minor changes in the interior.

The front bumper will look muscular with a lot of small holes for air intake. It will come with headlight, daytime running time and fog lights with LED technology. The front bumper will highlight its muscular appearance and convert it into an appealing look.

The fenders will be offered with a bump, and the hood will have a small deviation at the center. Its exhaust system will incorporate new quad-pipe layout.

At the rear end, its taillights will be seemed to be attached to tail gate. For the betterment of loading and unloading of materials, its rear bumper is kept slightly outwards to support someone’s feet.

In the interior of the vehicle, the 2018 Chevy Silverado SS will incorporate high-quality upholstery materials. It will integrate satellite radio, leather seats, a navigation system, three cup holders (in the center console) and other safety amenities for the occupants. A premium sound system will be featured for better entertainment.

2018 Chevy Silverado SS

Performance and Fuel Economy

This upcoming new Silverado SS is likely to have two different engine options. Its standard engine will be 6.2 liters V8, which can produce a maximum power of 420 HP and a maximum torque of 460 lb-ft. It will be mated to 8-speed automatic transmission system. This engine variant can take Chevy SS up to 60 mph in just 6 seconds. In addition, its fuel economy is quite good and can offer 23 mpg on highway and 16 mpg in city drive.

Another engine option of 6 liters V8. The unit can produce a maximum power of 345 HP and a maximum torque of 380 lb-ft. It will be mated to 9-speed automatic transmission system. It is expected to come with improved payload and towing.

Price and Arrival

The price of the 2018 Chevy Silverado is not announced yet. Buyers have to wait for the official confirmation to know the exact value of its different trims. Experts have predicted it might reach $60,000, but this is unofficial.

According to different sources, it is predicted to hit the showrooms at the end of 2017. The 2018 Chevy Silverado SS will have to face some of the competitors in the future market, but we are pretty sure it will become really popular, and one of the best-selling model in the segment.

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