2018 Ford F150 Raptor: Rumors, Performance, Price

Cabin area is what that is makes a truck more superior. The new 2018 Ford F150 Raptor pickup truck will have an improved cabin space. With superior engine the model will have an unexpected towing capacity as well, so there is nothing else to ask for. Of course, in addition to these features, the amazing full-size pickup will also offer an outstanding off-road adventure and plenty of brilliant tech.

2018 Ford F150 Raptor

2018 Ford F150 Raptor: New Design and Technology

The exquisite exterior of the 2018 Ford F150 Raptor will be one of the advantages that the model will have. The truck will have a large sized chrome grille that will have definite impact onto the front bumpers. Unlike other models, the new 2018 Ford will have an intense front look, due to the massive beams and front monogram the model will be giving a muscular appearance. High grade steel will be used upfront by the manufacturers. Front beams will have a primary role to play in order to make the model more aggressive and passionate in looks. The angular shape of the lights will be more effective with the LED technology inside. The authoritative back of the model will justify the overall image of the model. From the appearance it can easily be observed that the model will have a larger wheel base. With such wheel base it is obvious that the model will have a better road grip. Interior of the model will be intense, there will be 8-inch touch-screen display through the features like infotainment system and 4G internet can be operated. The structure will mostly make up of the carbon fiber. Precise use of the aluminum will make the model lighter in weight. The seats will be comfy because of the leather used inside. The model will be good enough to be used in various conditions.

The Truck Will Get The New EcoBoost Technology

The innovation will be at its best when it comes to the new 2018 Ford F150 Raptor engine. For guaranteed mechanical power and stability the new model will have two engines. The first engine will be 3.5L with the integration of an EcoBoost technology. The capacity of the engine will be definitely be greater than the previous models and it’s estimated to reach at least 450 horsepower; it may be because of the new innovative technology added to the model. Different engineering approach is used by the manufacturers in order to make the model unbeatable. The information about the second engine is still not confirmed as very limited news is shared with the followers. A powerful second engine will also be available. The engine will have a 5.0L engine with the same EcoBoost technology inside. There will be V8 displacement technology that will be supporting the second engine. The transmission system will not the same as before, a much more enhanced transmission is what that can be expected from the new model. The transmission system is a kind of system that matters a lot for the manufacturers like the Ford. It is planned by the company that model will have a 10-speed automatic gear box that will improve the drive capability of the model. The uniform gear settings will be make the model more comfortable to drive in various conditions, the four wheel and the front wheel drive options will make the model more useful. It can also be expected that the model will have a much better economy than its predecessors. It is definitely due to the addition of a smooth gearbox. The model efficiency is still unknown.

Safety is a type of feature that will never be compromised by the manufacturers. The 2018 Raptor will have updated security features like the blind spot monitoring system. For the convenience of the users the model will be equipped with the rear view camera for better surveillance. It is obvious that the model will have to compete with other competitors in the market. The toughest competitors of the model will be Chevrolet Silverado 1500 and Nissan Titan.

Estimated Price and Arrival

The 2018 Ford F150 Raptor will be a complete driving experience for the drivers in every manner. The followers that wish to get familiar with the new vehicle will have to wait until 2017. The month is still to be confirmed by the manufacturers. The makers of the company will be offering very reasonable price for the new model. Estimated price of the model will be $55,000.

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