2018 Ford Super Chief: Performance, Styling, Price, Release

Ford Super Chief was a concept truck that was first introduced in 2006. Judging by the latest rumors the manufacturer is going to take the advantage of its F-250 and F-150 models, and start with the production of the 2018 Ford Super Chief. The main reason for that is that the concept model can be run on three different fuel systems that include gasoline, hydrogen and even the E85 ethanol.

2018 Ford Super Chief

2018 Ford Super Chief: Design and Features

Many have described the model as unique, and others have praised the possibilities. A number of rumors have been all around since the release of the concept. In design, the 2018 Ford Super Chief will include the design configuration of F-250. In addition, the front-end and grille were seemed to be inspired by Super Chief locomotives.

This truck will look additional big where the manufacturer has guaranteed about its classy performance. One can see the front grille that is much larger in size holds a logo of the manufacturer at the center. Its headlights are well-placed to highlight the importance of front lights in the dark. Fog lights, headlights and taillights will come with LED technology with advanced functions. The engine hood will have a slight bump to give it more appealing look.

At the rear end, one can find highlighted tailgate with the manufacturer’s logo at the center. It will give an additional advantage to promote its utility characteristics.

It is expected that the 2018 Super Chief will come with minimal weight because of incorporation of light-weight materials with precise operation. The 2018 Super Chief will get luxurious leather seats, digital seat belt, leather covered steering wheel, alert system and much more. HVAC technology will be used to regulate its temperature automatically.

Its dashboard will be completely new and bigger in size than other vehicles in its class. It will consist of advanced technologies such as Bluetooth, WI-Fi connectivity, satellite navigation, USB port and much more.2018 Ford Super Chief

2018 Ford Super Chief Will Feature An Impressive Drivetrain

Its engine system of all new Super Chief will adopt the tri-flex fueling system. Several sources have predicted and come to a point that it will equip 6.8 liters with 30 valves and SOHC-type engine. It can deliver a maximum power of 550 HP and 400 lb-ft. of torque. It is expected to mate with the six speed automatic transmission system.

In addition, buyers will get the option of rear wheel drive system or all-wheel drive system. Looking at its mileage, experts have reported that it can deliver a mileage of 180 mph and vehicle can easily travel around 500 miles in one refueling.

If someone uses hydrogen as a fuel, then it will offer almost 12% hike in the fuel economy. Moreover, hydrogen gas is eco-friendly and releases significantly less CO2 from the gasoline powertrain.

2018 Ford Super Chief Powertrain

Estimated Price and Release Date

However, the actual price of the vehicle is still under the roofs. It is expected that 2018 Ford Super Chief will go  from around $65,000. Release date of the interesting pickup truck is still in the manufacturer’s house. We have to wait till automaker Ford has come to say something about the model officially.


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