2018 Hyundai Santa Cruz: Specs and Price

Hyundai has shown the concept of its first ever pickup truck as the 2018 Hyundai Santa Cruz. It is expected to cover the US market where the importance of pickups and utility vehicles are in great demand. Well, it will be a challenging move to build a beneficial pickup truck for its customers. This vehicle will be blended with appealing body design and interior amenities. Hyundai is confident about 2018 Santa Cruz to deliver it as an outstanding pickup.

2018 Hyundai Santa Cruz

2018 Hyundai Santa Cruz: What’s Important

According to different sources, new Santa Cruz will offer intelligent engineering concepts with a competitive performance scale. It will be interesting to see how the price would set by the manufacturer.

Hyundai has said that Santa Cruz will be the next voice of the customer which can recognize their needs with its CUV-type driving experience. Those people who deal especially with pickups and huge size trucks will get a better tiny bunch of opportunities with 2018 Hyundai Santa Cruz.

Hyundai has researched the market a lot and come to a point. In this way, the manufacturer is going to accomplish the task of the fulfillment of new generation demands with this compact pickup.

Engine and Specs

Engine specifications are not still clear at this stage, but it is expected to be powered by a 2 liters turbodiesel engine. Fuel economy will be quite good with an ability to produce 190 HP of power and 300 lb-ft. of torque.

Hyundai is all set to bring the stylish mini-pickup vehicle which could be one of the great companions of farmers. The flexibility of pickup and utility offers an adventurous thinking to go for a trip. If someone wants to know about its advantage, then it will provide:

  • Easy to Drive

Compactness of the truck will be of an overall advantage to highlight one’s style in different locations. It is supposed to come with Hyundai’s HTRAC AWD (all-wheel drive) system for additional support in dirty, muddy or snowy conditions. The goal is to provide customers a footprint of crossover that will be quite comfortable to drive and ride in big cities of the US.

  • Easy Parking

Most of the buyers will use new Santa Cruz on a regular basis. With the compactness that it will provide could be easy enough to park and do loading/unloading from the pickup. By doing this, drivers will get built-in happiness package with this model.

Price and Release Date

Officials still keep the price of the model under their roofs. The buyers have to wait and watch what the manufacturer is going to reveal next. It is in rumor that the 2018 Hyundai Santa Cruz will satisfy all its customers with the price and performance as well.

Several sources have estimated and come to a point that new Santa Cruz will cost around $20,000. The fact is how much it would hike or fall after an official announcement. Release date of 2018 Hyundai Santa Cruz is expected to be in September 2017.


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