2018 Mitsubishi Strada Triton Concept

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is a Japan-based multinational automotive manufacturer. According to the reports, the company was the sixth biggest Japanese automaker in the 2011. It was also in the sixteenth position worldwide for production in the same year. Mitsubishi Concept for GR-HEV (Gran Runner- Hybrid Electric Vehicle) supports to work on a new project, the 2018 Mitsubishi Strada Triton. Although it is just a concept model, it is not clear how much this new model will be effective on-road.

2018 Mitsubishi Strada Triton

2018 Mitsubishi Strada Triton: Specs and Characteristics

It is expected that 2018 Mitsubishi Strada Triton will be equipped with 2.5 liters, turbo-diesel engine. Its electric motor is appropriate to drive CO2 gas with the emissions of 240 g/miles. This highlights its high performance with low emissions of gasses from its predecessor that have 342 – 408 g/miles for diesel versions.

Responsible for new projects and a member of Mitsubishi board, Ryugo Nakao has said about the tightening of the regulations of car emissions in Geneva Show 2013. He told about the necessity of new hybrid system, like in 2020 with the concept of 2018 Mitsubishi Strada Triton.

The all-new Mitsubishi Triton will be incorporated with standard body-on-frame that can show significant improvement in its design characteristics. This model will come with accidental security that might break the previous best of 4 stars and reach to take 5 stars. With more luxurious in the SUV series, new Triton will offer low vibration, noise, and harshness.

With the modern available amenities, 2018 Mitsubishi Strada Triton is going to have stronger ability to perform in different road conditions. With its torque and power remain surprising, it is predicted that this will come with unmatched towing capacity. In addition, users can see updates in its cabin design that acquire better feature with high-quality materials. With more legroom and headroom available, this model becomes more costly than its predecessor.

With the eye-catchy, attractive interior design of the cabin, its seat will offer maximum comfort with integrated beauty. Another sophisticated fact is that new Mitsubishi Triton will be available in three different trims.

Engine and Fuel Economy

Comparing to its previous model that features 2.5 liters of engine, it is expected that 2018 Mitsubishi Strada Triton will be equipped with a 2.4 liters turbocharged engine for better fuel economy. It will be capable of producing maximum power of 178 HP and maximum torque of 317 lb-ft. It is supposed to mate with the programmable 5-speed gearbox system. The new Triton can easily be identified in terms of its improved specifications. It is said that this model will come in two different variants that include rear wheel drives and four wheel drives.

Price and Arrival

The price for the base model is yet to be announced officially, and buyers can see a hike in its price than the predecessor. It will be a pretty big deal to judge the price accurately. It is also not sure about the exact date when the manufacturer is going to announce. People have to wait for long to have this unmatched, traditional 2018 Mitsubishi Strada Triton model at home.

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