2019 Subaru Pickup Truck – Concept

Subaru is not among most popular automakers and it has played second fiddle to the likes of Honda and Toyota in both home turf and other countries. However, the company is trying to consolidate its presence in various segments of the automobile industry. While the crossover and SUVs are going to get a revamp, rumors are doing the rounds about Subaru launching a pickup truck in near future. The possibility is not as far-fetched as some people may think. Subaru has not ventured much into this segment, but pickup truck sector is witnessing intense competition of late. Given the fact luxury carmakers like Mercedes Benz are launching their models in it, Subaru may not want to be left out.

2019 Subaru Pickup Truck

2019 Subaru Pickup Truck – Possible Viziv-7 Design

Not much is known about the upcoming Subaru Pickup Truck and the company is mum on the topic. The model could be based on several prototypes and architecture types. Some years back, Subaru did offer a pickup truck named Baja. This was a modified version of its Outback crossover. The company may want to re-launch the Baja that became quite popular despite brief lifespan. The all-wheel-drive and open-bed pickup may be used by the brand to re-enter this lucrative segment.

The second possibility is that Subaru may launch a truck version of the much touted VIZIV-7 concept. It was an SUV but launching a truck version is not impossible. The VIZIV-7 has a modern design and developing a truck will enable Subaru to woo the buyers with an enticing design. No matter which architecture is chosen as the base – the company may launch the model in a few trims.

2019 Subaru Pickup Truck – Engine

It is not clear which powertrain will be used in the pickup truck to be launched by Subaru. It is possible that the company may use any of the engines used in the latest Outback or Impreza but with suitable optimization. However, launching the model with a turbo diesel unit under the hood is also not impossible. The powertrain will also be equipped with suitable suspension. Towing capacity and payload will be on par with most recent midsized pickups.

Subaru Pickup Truck interior

The upcoming Subaru Pickup truck is definitely going to be laden with a number of modern safety features. The company has recently upgraded the safety suite in existing models. The amenities will be on par with rival models from stables of Honda and Nissan. You can expect features like a rearview camera, airbags, TPMS and traction control. Some features are likely to be kept optional.

Price and Availability

Nothing is confirmed about release date and price of the Subaru pickup. However, it may take a couple of years before it hits the roads. The price should be on par with the RAM 1500 and Honda Ridgeline.

The possibility of Subaru launching a pickup is there. Details are hazy but some rumors are doing the rounds. The company should price the pickup truck carefully given the steep competition and abundance of popular models in the segment.

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