2019 VW Amarok – Changes and Specs

Volkswagen is not exactly famous for its pickup truck but there is no denying its niche appeal either. Since its inception a few years back the VW Amarok has sold well and each refresh has worked in its favor. For 2019, VW is revamping the truck once again and chances are there it will be brought into the highly competitive and lucrative US market as well. This is natural given the fact more players are launching their pickup trucks including behemoths like Mercedes Benz and newcomers like Tesla. Even popular heavyweights like GM and FCA are revamping their existing models.

Apart from industry insiders, certain developments indicate at a US-specific Amarok model launch. In a recent move, VW group has applied for registration of Amarok name with the Patent and Trademark Office in the USA. However, this is not exactly the first time the company has done so. The chief engineering officer of VW earlier hinted at the possibility of the company building a pickup on the same platform as its new SUV Atlas is built on. A body-on-frame full-sized variant of the Amarok, therefore, may be on the cards for the US market. This development comes at a time when the Amarok has won the coveted ‘International Pick-up Award 2018’.

2019 VW Amarok Concept

2019 VW Amarok – New Design

Exterior styling wise, the upcoming version of 2019 VW Amarok is not likely to be very different from the existing version. The elegant and sleek styling may be retained. It may get sleeker LED lights and anew grille and hood. The cabin will be replete with amenities though the focus is likely to be on functionality. There will be plenty of places to store a small item in the cabin and the upholstery choices will be aplenty. Like the existing model, the 2019 version may be unveiled in a few trims.

While details are still hazy, there is no doubt that the 2019 Amarok will be equipped with top safety features and number of amenities will leave no place for grudges. The dashboard may sport a larger touch display for infotainment and it will have robust support for all types of wireless technologies including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

2019 VW Amarok Rear View

2019 VW Amarok – Engine

It is not known if the 2019 Amarok will have new powertrains or it will carry on with same engines used in the 2018 model. However, a possibility of at least one new engine in the US market being offered with existing ones seems more likely. The 3.0-liter V-6 TDI unit may be under its hood with tweaks for better fuel economy. It may get an 8-speed automatic transmission gearbox.

Price and Availability

The pricing of 2019 VW Amarok is not known. However, given the strong competition in the US market and popularity of rivals from stables of GM and Ford, VW the costs has to be reasonable. It may be unveiled in late 2018.

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