Audi Pickup Truck – Rumors

The demand for luxurious pickup trucks is on the rise, beyond any doubt. These vehicles are not meant only for carrying heavy loads and various items across highways. The luxury-oriented pickups are being preferred by people who want the versatility of a pickup without cutting down on luxuries one expects in premium SUV and crossover models. Tesla is going to unveil an electrically powered pickup in near future and Mercedes Benz is prepared to launch its first lavish truck. So, the chance of Audi joining the bandwagon cannot be ruled out either. While the company is yet to make any serious revelation on the same- rumor sites are abuzz with speculation.

Audi Pickup Truck – Possible Design

Audi Pickup Truck, if it happens, may be based on the popular VW Amarok. The Audi exterior styling including the logo sitting in the middle of the front grille is likely and the grille may get the well known hexagonal shape. The truck is likely to get led lamps. It may be released in a few trims and exciting hues. However, the bed size and setup cannot be predicted at such an early stage. The vehicle may get alloy wheels with rugged tires.

Audi Pickup Truck - Concept

The cabin of upcoming Audi Pickup Truck is going to be very stylish and spacious. The dashboard layout should resemble Audi SUVs. There will be seating arrangements for 4-5 adults. In typical Audi style, the cabin may get laden with quality leather upholstery, wood or aluminum trim, heated steering wheel, and a new version of MMI infotainment system. The cabin may also be equipped with noise cancellation and multi-zone climate control.

Audi Pickup Truck – Engine Specs

It is likely that the Audi Pickup Truck will get the engines used in the company’s high-end SUVs. So, the tried and tested 3.0-liter TDI V6 may be offered. However, in the US market, the 3.0-liter TFSI gasoline V6 unit may be offered too. In any case, the engine will be optimized for truck use and like with all VW types of diesel, fuel economy will be impressive. The possibility of any hybrid powertrain cannot be ruled out as well. The engine may get the eight-speed automatic transmission gearbox. The inclusion of a rugged suspension is likely.

As it is natural, the Audi truck will get plenty of advanced safety features and several amenities. A host of advanced features may be included to evade collisions. As it is the carmakers are using sensors based autonomous driving technology. You can expect a premium sound system and touchscreen controlled infotainment setup.

Predicted Price

Like other aspects, pricing of the Audi pickup truck is not known yet. However, it is a luxurious truck and so expected starting price may be approx. $50,000. With customizations that can touch the $60,000 mark. This model is an alluring segment for any carmaker now and Audi may just join it like Mercedes Benz. However, many details about the truck are yet to be confirmed.

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