Dacia Duster Pickup Truck – Concept

The French car giant Renault, now a part of Renault Nissan alliance, is not a big name in pickup truck segment. The company is known more for its sedan, hatchbacks and SUVs in the global automobile market. However, considering the growth in pickup truck segment- Renault just cannot sit idle. Partner Nissan already sells Frontier-a popular model in various countries. The possibility of Renault launching a pickup under Dacia brand name based on the popular Duster SUV is getting strong with time. The Dacia Duster Pickup may get released in 2018 or 2019.

The roots of a pickup truck made by Renault and its Romanian sub-brand Dacia are going back from 2014. At the Buenos Aires motor show of 2015- the company had showcased a Duster flatbed model. It hogged plenty of attention at that time. Then the double cab pick-up named Duster Oroch was unveiled by Renault in the São Paulo Motor Show. It is still sold in the South American countries including Brazil.

Dacia Duster Pickup Truck

Dacia Duster Pickup Truck – Possible Design

The upcoming Dacia Duster pickup may be inspired by designs of existing Duster Oroch as well as the mainstream Duster SUV which is sold in many countries. It is likely to be a midsized light-duty pickup with enticing design style. The cabin may be stylish with several amenities thrown in. It is not clear if the truck will be offered in a few trim levels. The cabin may have accommodation capacity for 5 adults.


It is not yet clear which engine will be used in the upcoming Dacia Duster Pickup Truck. Again, the powertrain used in the existing Duster Oroch truck can be used. If it is used in US and European markets- some tweaks may be made for better output and fuel economy. Towing capacity may be average. Both diesel and gasoline engines may be used and 4WD may be there as an option.

The Dacia Duster truck will be laden with a lot of advanced safety technologies much like most Renault vehicles and it will also be loaded with amenities. The dashboard will have a touchscreen to control car features and infotainment. Features like multi-zone climate control, heated seats, heated steering wheel and premium sound system may be there. However, some of these features may be offered as options. Apart from airbags, you may get safety features like traction control, rearview camera and lane keep assist. Additional safety features may be there to alert the driver.

Dacia Duster Pickup Truck side view

Price and Availability

Nothing is known about price of the upcoming Dacia Duster truck. But a base price of $25,000 is likely. It may be unveiled in late 2019. If it arrives it will be ideal for those seeking a versatile midsized pickup truck. It is likely to have enticing exterior design and the cabin will be laden with amenities. While engine and pricing are unclear- it may be a challenger to the likes of Honda Ridgeline and Ram 1500 series.

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