Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept

There is no way one can deny the growing popularity of pickup trucks. Automobile industry veterans believe 2018 is going to be a phenomenal year for this sector. While existing bigwigs in this segment like Toyota and GM are bringing out new models and also revamping popular ones, new players are set to join the bandwagon. The demand for luxurious pickup trucks is growing too. German luxury carmaker Mercedes Benz has confirmed its upcoming truck and so has Tesla. So, it is possible that other luxury car brands will follow suit. A possibility of Infiniti launching a luxury truck is there.

What is known so far?

Infiniti is the luxury wing of Japan-based car giant Nissan. Infiniti SUVs and sedans are popular in many countries. The company itself has not confirmed the launch of a lavish truck. However, with a buzz of many other luxury car brands launching their pickups- the possibility cannot be diminished either. It will lock horns with the likes of VW Amarok and GMC Sierra Denali.

Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept

Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept – Possible Design

While the company has not shown any prototype or said anything on the design of the upcoming Infiniti pickup truck, a few renders have been posted in the web. The typical Infiniti grille and sleek led lamps will don its exterior. The curvature may be less compared to the sedans. However, it will still not be as boxy as the Ford and GM trucks. There can be a few trims and bed choices. The truck will be sold in a number of enticing colors.

The cabin of upcoming Infiniti truck is expected to be laden with amenities. The upholstery may be made of premium quality leather and wood trim may be used in the cabin. Amenities like heated seats, steering wheel. Premium sound system and active noise cancellation tech may be used.

Infiniti Pickup Truck Concept – Engines and Specs

The details of the powertrain to be used in the upcoming luxury truck from Infiniti are unclear. However, it is poise that Nissan should use one of the popular engines used in any of the Infiniti SUVs. It may get both gasoline and diesel engines. However, hybrid powertrain is also a possibility in this regard.

Infiniti Pickup Truck rear view

The upcoming truck will be equipped with a number of safety technologies and amenities will be enough as well. The amenities may include a sunroof, Touchscreen with the infotainment, GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi hotspot etc. Some such features may also be offered under optional packages.

The safety suite will comprise of airbags and advanced features to help drivers avoid collisions. These include radar-based cruise control, a backup camera, sensor guided pedestrian detection and so on. The safety technologies used in new Nissan models are expected.

Price and Availability

The exact price of Infiniti truck is unknown but it may be around $50,000. Release date or some official details of upcoming Infiniti truck are still not clear. With enough customization choices, this truck could take on segment rivals pretty serious.

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