Lexus Pickup Truck Concept

The pickup truck segment is witnessing unprecedented growth and this trend is expected to continue for quite some time. 2018 is the year when many companies will launch their pickups for the very first time. The interesting thing is luxury carmakers can no longer ignore this market! Heavyweights like Mercedes Benz and BMW are preparing to launch trucks and Tesla is also going to do the same. The luxury truck is emerging as a new sub-segment. While it may have seemed an improbable idea even a few years back, Lexus may also hop onto the luxury truck bandwagon.

What is known so far?

Lexus, the luxury wing of Toyota sells a number of crossover, sedan and SUV models in many markets. While the Company has not said anything with certainty about a pickup truck launch- the possibility cannot be ignored. As per the industry buzz, the luxury truck may be based on popular Toyota Hilux. It will compete with the likes of GMC Sierra Denali and VW Amarok.

Lexus Pickup Truck Concept

Lexus Pickup Truck Concept – Possible design

A truck from Lexus is not meant for off-road usage- for sure. It is likely to get typical design elements found in Lexus models. At the front the famous and huge spindle grille will sit. It will also get sleek led lamps. It is uncertain if the Lexus pickup will be released in a few trims and which cab setup will be offered. However, it is sure to be offered in some exterior colors. The truck may get equipped with alloy wheels and fog lamps.

The interior of upcoming Lexus pickup will be as lavish as some sedans sold by the company- for sure. You may get wood and metal trims along with genuine leather seats. The cabin may be laden with amenities you get in luxury vehicles. It may get noise reduction system, climate control and sunroof.

Engine and Spec

The details of the powertrain to be used in Lexus pickup truck are unknown. However, it may be laden with one of the engines used in Toyota pickup models. For example, the engines used in Tacoma or Hilux may be used with some modifications. A hybrid engine may also be on offer.  Nothing is known about its towing capacity or the fuel economy.

As expected, the Lexus pickup truck will come laden with enough amenities and safety technologies used will leave no room for any grudges. The infotainment setup will be controlled by touchscreen. Apart from standard set of airbags, it will get sensor guided driver alert system and collision avoidance tech embedded. There will be a lot of options for safety and amenities.

Price and availability

The pricing of upcoming Lexus Pickup is still not known. However, a base price tag of $ 45,000 seems reasonable. It may be unveiled in 2019. This truck will have several contenders to fight with including the Tesla and Mercedes models.

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