Mercedes X-Class Pickup Truck: Specs and Features

Mercedes Benz will be previewing its pickup truck At the Paris Auto show, which is expected to arrive soon in the market for facilitating the class of users who want to get benefits from a modern high grade pickup truck. It is expected that Mercedes X-Class pickup truck will be categorized within the 10 best pickup truck classes and will be available in the market by the late part of year 2016. The reports indicate that first this kind vehicle from Mercedes will be sold in the European, South African, Australian and Latin American region. Let’s discuss some of the features that are expected to become a part of Mercedes X-Class pickup truck:

Mercedes X-Class pickup truck

Mercedes X-Class: Design and Features

The reports which have been presented till now suggest that upcoming truck will be sharing majority of its mechanical parts with popular Nissan Navara as the axles, frames as well as body structure everything will be borrowed from Nissan. However, sheet metal as well as every other part of cabin will be according to the specified Mercedes style and class. The vehicle will actually be offered in the form of a crew cab that will have four doors associated with it. The lineup will have the inclusion of base version which targets business users who have requirements related with rugged trucks. You can get the facility of driving in even the most difficult conditions getting a great response from the Mercedes X-Class pickup truck. There is also the inclusion of a convincing high resolution color screen for facilitating the use of infotainment system. Not only this, interior is going to support a decent wall to wall leather covering. The interior as well as exterior is going to get all the latest technical upgrades for making sure that best performance and comfort can be enjoyed by the passengers.

The German manufacturer will load the amazing pickup with wide range of safety features, and this is just a small part for what we know at this moment: Side impact protection, stability controlling, trailer sway controlling, better and improved system of seat belts, traction controlling and better options and brilliant navigation system.

Engine Options

There is no official data present because Mercedes wishes to keep everything undercover, but according to leaked reports Mercedes X-Class pickup truck will take power from a 2.3 l 4-cylinder turbodiesel engines which is again another inspiration from Nissan. The engine holds capacity of producing 188 hp and torque of 332 pound feet. The versions that will be better and improved will get the potential of pulling 7,700 pounds and for this credit should be given to 6, cylinder turbodiesel that can produce 255 hp and torque of 405 lb-ft. Fuel economy is again another big factor, but we have no official details present. However, it can be expected to be better than 25 mpg.

Price and Arrival

The upcoming Mercedes X-Class pickup truck will be available for sale in a wide range of markets which include Latin America, Australia and Europe by the early part of year 2018. The base price associated with this model will be close to $30,000.

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