Tesla develops first-ever Electric Pickup Truck

Tesla may not be among the top players in automobile sectors but it is definitely among the most promising newcomers! This is the company that kick-started the trend of developing electric powered vehicles for the mass. While Tesla is yet to make significant profits from sale of its vehicles, the company is in no mood to stop. Even before the much talked about model Y sees the light of the day- it is planning on launching a truck powered by electricity. The idea may have seemed weird even a few years back but it is a confirmation now. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company is going to launch the electric truck- just after the launch of model Y.

Tesla Pickup Truck – Design and Specs

The company recently revealed a prototype of Tesla Semi truck and a teaser image of the upcoming vehicle. Like the existing and upcoming Tesla models, the pickup truck will have a futuristic exterior styling. The details are yet to emerge but the CEO thinks to place the battery pack will offer the truck better-handling prowess compared to the fuel driven rivals. Not much is clear about the cabin of the truck but it will also have sleek styling and space will not be an issue.

Tesla Pickup Truck

The details of amenities and safety technologies used in the upcoming Tesla truck are not known. However, like the existing Tesla models, the truck will have top-notch amenities and latest safety features- as it seems. You can expect an advanced version of the autonomous driving technology to be offered in the truck when it is released. A large tablet-style touch screen unit is likely to adorn the dashboard which will be used to control most of the features.

Tesla Pickup Truck – Engine

Like all Tesla models, the upcoming pickup truck will have an all-electric engine with decent towing and payload capacity to cope with popular fuel based contenders. It is likely to have a coverage range of 400-500 mile on a full charge, which should be adequate for normal usage. However, mass adoption is likely only when the high speed charging stations are set up at widely used routes. Acceleration will certainly be more respectable than with models powered by standard powertrain.

Tesla Pickup Truck Interior

Projected Price and Release Date

While the steep price tag of any electric vehicle acts as the deterrent for mass adoption- the running cost acts as redeeming aspect. The same is going to be the case with upcoming Tesla Pickup Truck. Preorder will begin with a reservation price of around $30,000 per truck. Final price and release time are not known but it may come in 2020.

The details of Tesla Pickup Truck are yet to emerge. However, it is going to hit the roads sometime in near future. As per the company sources, it will have a powerful engine with exceptional fuel economy. The steep price will be balanced by the reasonable running cost. The truck has the potential to create a new niche in the pickup segment. At least, it will spark a trend to make more electric pickup models in the industry.

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