Toyota HiLux Tonka Concept: The Extra-Tough Truck Is Coming Soon

Australia is getting an ultra-hot pickup truck from Toyota. The vehicle will be previewed as the Toyota HiLux Tonka concept, but the carmaker might also add a production model in the near future. Judging by the latest reports, the HiLux Tonka won’t be just a tougher option from its regular sibling, but also more capable.

Toyota HiLux Tonka sketch

Toyota HiLux Tonka: Exterior and Interior Styling

Essentially, the Toyota HiLux Tonka will be just the revamped HiLux SR5 dual-cab 4×4. However, the makeover is so huge that you won’t be able to figure out that these two have anything in common. As you may remember, the Toyota Australia made the Tonka 4Runner in 2015. Well, we think that the customized truck should get pretty similar cosmetic changes. In the front, the interesting pickup will likely get a significantly more aggressive grille and totally different bumper. The sketch also shows that the Hilux Tonka sports bigger tailgate and notably higher ride height. It’s needless to say that the upcoming vehicle features larger wheels and tires.

We can’t really say what’s cooking inside of the Toyota HiLux Tonka, yet we are sure that the accents on the seats match the exterior’s custom paint. The carmaker did that with the 4Runner, so it will likely do the same job with the amazing truck. As for the equipment, it will match the current HiLux SR5 dual-cab 4×4 model.

Toyota HiLux Tonka

Engines and Suspension

The special truck will definitely get its own suspension system, but it will probably share the powertrain with the regular HiLux. It’s a 2.8-liter turbo-diesel that currently powers the SR5 model. The oil-burner engine delivers 130 kW and 450 Nm and will be paired to a six-speed automatic. The awesome truck might also get a 4.0-liter V6 mill with 175 kW and 376 Nm. As for the suspension, we expect to see pretty much same kit as the Tonka 4Runner have. This means that the truck should have Bulletproof Suspension and eight- and ten-inch coilover shock. The system will provide an absolute control at off-road riding.

Toyota HiLux Tonka

Release Date

The carmaker hasn’t confirmed the exact date of the arrival, yet they said that the Toyota HiLux Tonka should become available in the coming months.

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